Top 100 Napkin Folds

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Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo is a how-to book that can help you transform your dinner table from ordinary to extraordinary by taking a napkin and folding it into a piece of art. Well, sort of.

With over 1,000 pictures, Top 100 Napkin Folds has you covered when it comes to creating unique napkins for a Birthday Party for a Special Mom, an Afternoon Tea or Girls’ Night In. The beginning of the book has different napkin ideas for various party themes, such as the aforementioned occasions plus 21 more themes. The patterns for the napkin folds are divided into easy, intermediate, and advanced sections.

In the introduction, Napkin Folds 101, Ms. Vivaldo discusses in an easy-to-understand manner all that you need to know about selecting the right napkin including the fabric, styles, and size. It’s a short section, but very informative. It’s like having your best friend sitting next to you explaining the ins-and-outs of napkins.

Top 100 Napkin Folds book

There are a lot of unique napkins presented in the book. It took me some time getting used to figuring out how to read the book. There are pictures with explanations of how to make the different folds. However, the pictures would be better suited if they were rotated 180 degrees, which is what I found myself doing with the book at times in order to understand the instructions.

I still have not figured out some of the patterns. Some were quite easy. So far, I think my favorite is the heart. I like how the lines of my napkin matchup in the design.

Heart-shaped napkin fold.

Here are some of the others that I have tried so far:

Different styles of napkin folding.

It has been fun trying out different patterns. I can see this becoming a fun little hobby. Plus, a cute napkin does help complete the look of a table setting.

I have been permitted to share the pattern for the High Tower fold with you. It is an elegant napkin fold featured in the intermediate section. It may take several tries before you are able to master it.

High Tower Single Shot Napkin Fold

Images above and below are from Top 100 Napkin Folds

Directions for folding napkin.

 My version of High Tower:

Folded napkin.

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your dinner table, consider getting a copy of Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds from your favorite bookstore or

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