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Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

This delicious peach cobbler is so easy to make – combine a few ingredients for the magic cake layer, add spices to canned peaches, add melted butter, bake, and voila! Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe Making a cobbler is super easy.  In fact, even I can do it. What exactly is a cobbler, you ask.  Good …

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Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Thai Coconut Curry Soup is made with plant-based goodness – tofu, vegetable broth, veggies, and a few other delicious items. Make a batch for when you crave something comforting and wholesome. Thai Coconut Curry Soup Recipe This recipe does take a little bit of time to make because you have to start by pressing the …

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Healthy Strawberry Salad Recipe

Skip the store-bought salad dressings and make your own to top this refreshing Strawberry Salad. It’s a meal that you can feel good about eating. This healthy salad is bursting with fresh fruit and flavor.  The homemade dressing is made mostly of strawberries making it light and refreshing. How To Make Strawberry Salad To make …

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Homemade Panna Cotta With Berries

Upgrade your dessert game with Homemade Panna Cotta with Berries. This impressive dessert is sweet and creamy and will transport your tastebuds to Italy.  No passport required. Panna Cotta is made using simple ingredients: cream, sugar, vanilla, and gelatin. To make panna cotta, you begin by hydrating 4 gelatin sheets.   Now, you might be wondering …

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