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Honey Nut Muffins Recipe

These sweet Honey Nut Muffins are made using Honey Nut Cheerios, honey, applesauce, and a few kitchen staples. They’re slightly sweet, moist, and delicious! Honey Nut Cheerios has been around since 1979.  While similar to classic Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios is sweeter thanks to honey and almond flavoring. If you visit the Cheerios’ website, you’ll …

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Blueberry Breakfast Bake Recipe

This Blueberry Breakfast Bake recipe is like a cool twist on bread pudding using fresh blueberries and canned cinnamon rolls with icing. What’s not to love about this breakfast bake that could also be eaten for dessert? Fresh blueberries rank among the best fruits that you can eat.  One little cup has only 80 calories …

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Overnight Maple French Oats

Overnight Maple French Oats are made with the flavors that go into making classic French toast – nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup. The beginning of Fall is my favorite time of year. However, with school back in session, there’s very little time in the mornings to waste.  Fortunately, thanks to Overnight Oats we can …

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Brioche French Toast

On my recent trip to Earth Fare, I spotted a loaf of brioche bread. Real brioche bread from France. It’s not everyday that I can buy a loaf of bread from France, so I had to get a some. And because it is that time of year, I picked up a bottle of smooth, creamy custard from the dairy section. I put two + two together and decided to up the ante on a family favorite, French toast. So in this case I am calling it Brioche French Toast.

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