Screaming Eagle Zip Line at Lake Guntersville

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If you’re looking for a thrill, head to Lake Guntersville in Alabama and take a ride on the Screaming Eagle Zip Line. It is sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you soar through the air with stunning views of nature below.

Lake Guntersville State Park sign.

I was invited to the opening of the level two zip line course at Screaming Eagle at Lake Guntersville.  I was asked if I wanted to ride on the zip line and I responded quickly with a “Yes!”  After all, who wouldn’t want to soar over the trees at one of Alabama’s prettiest state parks?  I drove up to the entrance of the state park and meandered my way to the beautiful lodge.

Lake Guntersville Lodge.

When I arrived, there were several men with large cameras on hand to capture footage for that evening’s news hanging around the lobby.  I, on the other hand, only had my iPhone with me to snap pictures when I could, which ended up being at the beginning and at the conclusion.  That was alright because I was here for the experience.

After we registered, we headed as a group to the Gear Shack.  There we were outfitted with the safety gear and given instructions on how ziplining works.  Safety first, you know?

Zip line gear lined up on a deck.

There are two different lines at the park – level one and level two.  Level one takes about 2 hours to complete and costs $59 per person.  It’s what I would consider the easy course.  There are 10 zip lines that range from 20 feet to 75 feet in the air.  Easy peasy, right?

Small zip line.

Level two is another story and that reason we were all there.  Level two consists of a total of 15 zip lines that range up to 2100 feet and costs $99 (the price includes level 1 and 2 zips).  The distance was not the deal breaker to me – the height was.  I made it through 3 out of 4 lines.  I chickened out just before the fourth that our group was going to cross.  To get to it, we had to climb the tower pictured below which is about 80 feet high.

Zip line tower.

I actually enjoyed the first 3 lines that we tried.  I was just too scared to take the final leap, though I should not have been.

Safety is a priority at Screaming Eagle.  To ride the zip line, guests must meet certain requirements, such as weighing no more than 250 pounds for women and no more than 285 for men.  Riders have to be able to climb a 100-foot tower and have good balance.  All of the requirements are spelled out in the waiver that has to be read and signed before gearing up.

At Screaming Eagle, they use a closed belay system from beginning to end.  They are a member of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and adhere to all of the safety guidelines.  They also conduct and document their daily system and in-use equipment inspections, as well as check for wear, serviceability, and other potential safety issues.

Here is a video clip from TV24 about the Screaming Eagle Zipline.  (It is also proof that I did zip down one of the lines!)

YouTube video

To learn more about Screaming Eagle, visit

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  1. This sounds like great fun!! I can’t wait for my husband and I to be able to do it. It also sounds like fun for a group. I’ll be checking on group rates (unless it was mentioned in the article and I missed it). Thanks for the info.

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