From historic forts to sandy shores, culinary delights to coastal rides, there is always something fun to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Uncover the beauty of the shore with 'mermaid purses' scattered on the sands, a whimsical reminder of the enchanting marine life that graces these pristine beaches

Step into history at Fort Morgan, where rooms whisper tales of the past. Explore the enduring architecture and relive the echoes of times gone by.

Cast your worries away a on the shores of Gulf Shores. Feel the thrill of the catch and embrace the tranquility of the open sea.

Tee off with the ocean breeze as your companion. Unwind at a golf course near the Gulf,  for an unforgettable game.

Pedal through the coastal breeze on a rented bike. Whether you're an avid cyclist or a casual rider, explore the scenic beauty of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach at your own pace.

Encounter the unexpected with a visit to Bama Henge. This Southern twist on Stonehenge provides a whimsical photo op and a glimpse into the region's playful spirit.

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