5+ Things To Drink In Savannah

Adult Edition

Savor a craft beer in the eerie ambiance of a haunted brewery.

Indulge in the decadent sweetness of a Snickers martini, served in a convenient plastic cup, perfect for enjoying on-the-go as you wander through Savannah's historic squares.

Savor the legendary kick of Chatham Artillery Punch, a potent concoction steeped in history and packed with flavor, perfect for toasting to unforgettable moments in Savannah.

Experience the rich flavors and ancient tradition of mead as you sample this honey-infused beverage, steeped in history and enjoyed by kings and commoners alike.

Sip on the luxurious Edgar's Cup cocktail at the historic DeSoto Hotel, where timeless elegance meets modern mixology for an unforgettable drinking experience in Savannah.