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Chica Locca Tours – Off-the-Beaten Path in Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta is a stunning port city located in the Bay of Banderas. There are many great all-inclusive resorts that you can spend your day, but you really should not go to Mexico to spend all of your time at a resort.  Trust me.

Chica Locca Tours offers guests all-inclusive boat adventures at an affordable price.  Their tours are a fantastic way to explore the Bay of Banderas and to discover off-the-beaten-path gems.

I booked a trip on Chica Locca’s Chica 55ft Yacht VIP for my husband, son, and myself.  No regrets.  The first thing that I noted when we boarded is that we all had to remove our shoes.  Pretty smart.  It keeps debris off of the boat and also sets the laid back cruise vibe.

Guests aboard the yacht start off with a plate of fruit and pastries for a light breakfast as the boat departs the La Cruz Marina.

In addition to breakfast and lunch, snacks and drinks were included in the cost, including delicious margaritas and plenty of Coronitas.

Even though the sky was overcast, our trip was pretty amazing.  The cloud cover made riding through the Bay of Banderas on an ordinarily hot summer day quite comfortable.

The Sierra Madre Mountains run into the Bay of Banderas.  Even though they were not as lush and green as they would soon be after we left, they were still a sight to behold.  (Notice the shirt that the driver is wearing.  All of the employees truly seemed to love their job as well and they all treated the guests as family.)

One thing that sets the Chica Locca Tours apart from others is that there is an onboard masseuse – the massages are part of the package deal.

Look at those coconuts! Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco which is the leading producer of coconuts in Mexico.  There are more than 55,000 tons of coconuts produced there each year.

Our captain drove the boat to a tranquil area and it was time for us to play in the Bay of Banderas.  Guests had access to paddleboards, a floating lounge raft, crystal kayaks – those were great because you can watch angelfish swim beneath you, snorkel gear, and life jackets.

After playing for a while, we all got back on board and lunch was ready.  We had a choice of chicken, beef, or vegetarian.  

Vegetarian Meal Option

Roast Beef Option

The ultimate destination for our trip was the quaint fishing village of Yelapa which is accessible only by boat.

We were given two options for when we arrived at Yelapa: to go to the beach or to go to the waterfall.  My family chose the waterfall.

For all of us to get from our boat to the village, we would have to board a panga, an open motorboat often used as a water taxi.  While we waited for our panga to come to get us, we were able to admire some of the other yachts in the harbor.

The village is very rustic and filled with many Instagrammable spots.

As Cafe Eclipse points out above, it and Puerto Vallarta are very accepting of people of all cultures, genders, religions, beliefs, and color.

This trip was priceless because it let us glimpse into real life in Mexico. We saw kids playing around the jungle, burros carrying loads, and people living life.

We made our way up the hill to the Cascada de Yelapa – the well-known waterfall.  Our timing was a bit early being that the rainy season was just about to begin.  While the water wasn’t really falling much, it was still a beautiful sight to behold.

On the way back to the boat, there were several opportunities to buy a souvenir and help out the local economy.

The word “Yelapa” is said to mean “where two rivers meet the sea.”  The village was settled by four families whose descendants still inhabit the land grant which is a reservation that is legally protected for its indigenous people.

After taking in the waterfall, it was time to go back to our yacht and to say good-bye to Yelapa.

This was a trip that my family and I will not forget.  We got to see a side of Mexico that we would not have if we had not taken the Chica Locca Tour.  We spent most of our day disconnected from technology and more connected to each other.  We traveled across the Bay of Banderas on a plush yacht and were given the VIP treatment.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

About Chica Locca Tours

Chica Locca Tours was established in 2010 and offer boat tours to Yelapa, the Marietas Islands, and private sailing adventures.  The all-inclusive prices include the tour, water activities, an open bar, light breakfast and lunch, and aboard the Chica 55ft Yacht VIP massages!  To learn more about Chica Locca Tours, visit

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