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Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ruby Falls, located inside Lookout Mountain, is a 145-foot waterfall named after the discoverer’s wife.  It’s a beautiful site to see.

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are lucky, Andy will be your tour guide and the journey will be the highlight of your trip.  (If you see a 30-ish guy who looks like a cross between Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey, ask him if he will be leading tours.  If you don’t see him, ask for him!)

To see the falls, purchase a ticket inside the gift shop.  Be sure to visit the restroom before you embark on the journey inside the mountain – there are no restrooms in the caverns.  Be sure to wear good shoes, too, because the ground may be naturally slippery in spots.


While you are waiting to go on your tour and after you have used the facility’s restroom, you can spend a little time looking at souvenirs in the gift shop.


These rocks are for sale.  They make a great gift for little ones.

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Stalagmites and Stalactites

This formation looks like the backside of a donkey.




Ruby Falls


Once you have finished your tour, have a look around Chattanooga while on the deck of the castle.


For more information, you can connect with Ruby Falls on the Web | Facebook | Twitter.

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