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Easy Small Batch Sweet Cornbread Baked In a Skillet

This sweet cornbread recipe is baked in a cast iron skillet and is the perfect size for four and it pairs well with soups, chili, barbecue, and so much more. This small-batch recipe for sweet cornbread comes together quickly and will be gone in a flash! How To Make a Small Batch of Sweet Cornbread …

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Honey Nut Muffins Recipe

These sweet Honey Nut Muffins are made using Honey Nut Cheerios, honey, applesauce, and a few kitchen staples. They’re slightly sweet, moist, and delicious! Honey Nut Cheerios has been around since 1979.  While similar to classic Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios is sweeter thanks to honey and almond flavoring. If you visit the Cheerios’ website, you’ll …

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Sweet Cornbread With Rosemary

Got cornmeal? This Sweet Cornbread With Rosemary recipe makes a delicious cornbread that goes with barbecue, chili, or beef stew. In fact, it pretty much goes great with just about everything. This cornbread recipe is easy to whip up and it’s vegetarian friendly. Instead of sugar, the sweetness comes from agave syrup which has a …

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Homemade Hush Puppies Recipe

Ever since the tender age of 2, my husband has enjoyed catching fish. Yes, the age of two.

My husband’s father was a farmer and had a catfish pond on the property. When my husband’s uncles would visit, they would take him down to the pond and that is where his fishing passion began.

He has been fishing for four decades now. He has learned a trick or two, none of which I am able to share with you. My husband was kind enough to let me share with you a couple of pictures of his recent catch – a 7 pound, 14 ounce large mouth bass. For the record, he strongly believes in catch and release. This beauty was returned to the river after pictures were taken.

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