The Old State Bank in Decatur, Alabama

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The Old State Bank in Decatur, Alabama is a beautiful example of antebellum architecture. This historic building was constructed in 1833 and served as a state bank until the Civil War. The Old State Bank is now open to the public as a museum. Visitors can explore the original banking floor, view exhibits on the history of banking in Alabama, and see a variety of artifacts from the Old State Bank’s collection.

Old state bank with two chimneys.

The five original limestone columns grace the front of the beautiful antebellum building. There is evidence today of the bank’s Union occupation, such as graffiti by a Union soldier left on one of the columns, cannonball damage to another, and a bullet in a brick.

Civil War bullet hole in brick wall.
Civil War Bullet

The Union Army entered Decatur on April 13, 1862.  The Memphis and Charleston Railroad crossed the Tennessee River in Decatur making it a strategic location during the war.

Column with cannon ball damage.

Its Role as a Bank

The first floor of the Old State Bank is where business transactions took place.  The original walk-in vault and tellers’ cage give visitors a glimpse into Alabama’s banking past.

Old bank counter with bars.

Many of the original features of the bank have been preserved.

Antique door knob.

What may surprise young learners is that the head cashier of the bank had an apartment located on the second floor of the bank.  This was for security reasons.

Antique piano and gold plated mirror.

The second floor at the Old State Bank has period furnishings that give an accurate reflection of life in the 1800s.

Antique spinning wheel.

On a tour of the Old State Bank, visitors may learn the meaning behind some of the expressions that they may hear, such as “Nighty, night, sleep tight…”  See the bed strings on the bed in the picture below?  

People slept better when they were pulled tight.  If there were unwanted guests, the hosts might loosen the strings to discourage the guests from overstaying their welcome.)

Antique bed and chamber pots.

Notice the pots under the bed?  Early Alabama residents did not have indoor plumbing, so this was their solution for a “portable toilet” that prevented them from having to leave the house at night (to go to the outhouse).

Old chamber pots.


The Old State Bank is open Monday – Friday from 9:30 until noon and 1:00 until 4:30. Admission is free.


The Old State Bank is located at 925 Bank St NE.

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