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Multitasking at Arm’s Length – the Michael Kors Smartwatch

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The Michael Kors Smartwatch is a beautiful piece of technology that not only helps you maximize your time, but it also functions as a personal assistant, health coach, and so much more.

Michael Kors Runway Access smartwatch in rose gold

The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch – Brains and Beauty Combined

If you are looking for a simple hack to help streamline your life, then look no further.  This watch does so much more than just tell time.

The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch is an amazing watch that operates on Wear OS by Google and is compatible with iPhone/iOS and Android.  It comes in 42 mm stainless steel in either gold or rose gold with a metal band.  Not fond of metal bands?  You can purchase Runway leather and silicone straps from Michael Kors and change it.

Speaking of change – one of the many cool features of the watch is that you can change and customize the face.  There are over 40 different watch faces available through the app, plus more that you can purchase. You can also use pictures from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

watch faces

The Access Runway Smartwatch comes loaded with apps that make everyday life easier, such as:

  • Google Assistant: You can ask questions, set reminders, or make commands. It helps keep you ahead of your day with proactive, personalized help.  [Simply press and hold the middle button to access Google Assistant.]   
  • Google Fit: Set goals and track your activity. Heart Points and Move Minutes are evidence-based metrics that measure activity intensity, and smarter health coaching makes your fitness goals more achievable by motivating you to stay active throughout your day.  You can also monitor and track your heart rate.  It’s a good app to help keep you motivated.
  • Notifications:  Maximize your time and keep up-to-date with notifications without having to pull out your phone.  This is a great feature for those times when you can’t whip out your phone – like at work.
  • Google Pay:  You can set up Google Pay and pay with a wave of your wrist at places that accept credit cards.
  • Agenda:  Link your phone or Google calendar and keep track of your events.
  • Find My Phone:  Misplaced your phone?  If you have it synced to your watch you can launch the app to ring your phone.
  • Google Translate:  Need help to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language?  There’s an app for that on your watch.  Launch the app, select the languages, and then speak into the watch.
  • More:  The Michael Kors Access Smartwach also comes with the following apps:  stopwatch, contacts, agenda, flashlight, reminders, timer, weather, and media controls.  Plus the Google Play store app is on the watch so that you can download even more!

The Battery

One thing that you need to keep in mind about this watch is that it will need to be charged daily.  It only takes about an hour to get it fully charged. 

To help extend battery life, disconnect the wifi connection when not actively using it.  For instance, if you are not downloading an app, keep it turned off.  Turning off any unnecessary notifications will help as well.

The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch is a beautiful watch that easily transitions from the gym to work to an evening out.

MK Runway Access watch with different faces

Michael Kors – Access Runway Smartwatch Tutorials

Got an Access Runway?  Be sure to watch the Michael Kors videos. The more you know about your new watch, the more you will get out of it.

I am still getting to know my Access Runway watch and love it so far.  I downloaded the Bring! app to help me keep up with grocery items that I need to pick up.  No more running to the store and forgetting the reason that I went.

There have been times that it appeared to have a few hiccups, but it could have been that it was low on battery or needed to be turned off and turned back on.  

The Michael Kors Runway Smartwatch is available at Best Buy.

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