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Marriage Can Be Murder in Las Vegas


While in Las Vegas recently, my family and I were guests at Marriage Can Be Murder.  I have to admit, attending the show was the most fun we experienced during our trip.  And I say “experienced” because it is a dinner theater and the guests take part in solving a mystery, or two.

The fun started even before the show began when our maître d’ came out to the line of people waiting for the performance to take our meal order.  There were three choices:  Chicken Marsala, Beef Brisket, or Pasta Marinara.   

maître d

Once inside the venue, we took our seats. The maître d mingled among the guests and encouraged us to get to know our table mates.  She also had some of us pose with others for pictures.  Little did we know, those pictures would later become evidence for the mystery that would soon unfold!

We started our meals with salad and drinks.


Next thing we knew, something happened to one of the diners and she died.  It was murder!  Soon, two more joined the ranks of the deceased.


Even with all of the mayhem occurring, the servers brought us our main course.

Fowl PlayChicken Marsala

BeefBeef Brisket

A policeman came in and questioned the audience.  With the assistance of the hostess, Bertie, he questioned possible suspects.  Before the end of the evening, we learned who the murderer was and his/her motive.


I would love to tell you more, but that might ruin the plot.  Well, at least if you attend in the near future.  Marriage Can Be Murder story lines and characters change every 3 months, so there will always be a new story to enjoy when you are in Las Vegas.  The actors are extremely good at what they do.  The hostess, shown below in blue, was so quick on her feet that the story flowed smoothly.  The person running the audio portion did a fabulous job, too, which really enhanced the experience.

After the Show

Marriage Can Be Murder is currently at the The D Las Vegas located on Fremont Street.  The show could be rated “T” – there are a few murders after all, plus a few innuendos.  Tickets start at $65.95 and include dinner, non-alcoholic beverage, tax, tip, and performance.  Be sure to arrive early (I’d recommend by 5:30) and get ready to enjoy the #1 dinner theater experience in Las Vegas.

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