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Keto Krate – Keto Snacks and More

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Keto Krate box with keto snacks

One problem that a lot of people new to the keto diet have is trying to figure out what snacks are keto-friendly.  It seems that most standard snacks are loaded with carbs – and they are.  A great way to learn about keto-friendly snacks is through a subscription to Keto Krate, where all snacks have only 5 grams of net carbs or less per serving.

In addition to being low carb, all of the goodies that Keto Krate curates are gluten-free and malitol-free.  Another ingredient that you will not find in any of their shipments is aspartame.   Plus, since they are serious about what is in the products they send, soy and sucralose will never be found high up on the ingredient lists.

What’s In a Keto Krate?

I got a sneak peek inside of an August Keto Krate.  Inside were six different items, plus coupons and codes for discounts for more.  This will give you an idea of what future Keto Krates might contain.  Let’s take a look:

Droewors Hand-Crafted Aged Sausage Sticks

bag of dry aged sausage sticks

This package of msg, nitrate, sugar, trans fats, soy, and gluten-free air-dried sausage beef sticks retails for $6.99.  The meat is hand-made using a centuries-old process using non-GMO, humanely raised American beef that had no added antibiotics or hormones. The package in my krate was chorizo, so it was a bit spicy but not too overwhelming.

Oven-Baked Parm Crisps

bag of Parm Crisps

These crunchy little parmesan crisps are made with 100 % aged Parmesan cheese.  They are baked in small batches and have nothing artificial, no preservatives, and NO CARBS.  Each small bag would run you $1.08 if you were able to purchase them individually.

Front Porch Sea Salt Pecans

bag of Front Porch Pecans

These rich, buttery pecans remind me a lot of the oven-roasted salted pecans that I made a few weeks ago. These tasted just like they were homemade and that might be because they were made with freshly picked and roasted (non-GMO) Georgia pecans.  (My personal opinion – they’re delicious and addictive.)  The value of this bag is $5.75.

Raw Food Central Cashew Crunch Flax Crackers

Pouch of raw Cashew Crunch Flax Crackers

These organic, raw crunchy crackers are vegan, kosher, paleo, non-GMO, and gluten-free.  Out of the six different items in my krate, these were my least favorite.  I think the problem might have been that instead of reading the package, I just opened it and dug in, not realizing that they were “raw,” so my expectations were off.  The value of this package is $6.99.

Nekstella Waffle Mix

Pouch of Nekst Foods low carb waffle mix

This pouch of keto-friendly waffle mix plus a quarter cup of water and *poof* – keto waffles.  The waffles didn’t get crisp like I had hoped, but they were overall pretty good.  These grain-free waffles are made with natural ingredients: almond flour, tapioca fiber, cream, egg white, butter, buttermilk, sunflower oil, low sodium baking powder, baking soda, and monk fruit extract. The price of the package of mix is $7.95.

keto waffle on waffle iron


Package of Smartcakes

I saved the best item for last – Smartcakes.  Oh. Em. Gee!  They tasted amazing and hard to believe that they only had 38 calories.  They have no carbs, are made without sugar or starch, are non-GMO, full of fiber and protein while being low in fat. They are almost miraculous!  At $3.50 they may seem a bit price, but for 0 net carbs and such deliciousness, I think the price just might be worth it.

How To Get A Keto Krate

Each Keto Krate costs $34.95 plus a flat shipping rate of $5.00.  You can set up payments via Paypal or credit card.  Accounts automatically renew on the 3rd of each month, but you can cancel anytime because there is no contract.  Keto Krate even offers a money back guarantee.

While you might not love every product in each box, it’s a great way to discover new and tasty treats and also to learn what might not work for you.

To learn more about Keto Krate and to sign up, click here.  Use the discount code FIVE2018 and save on your next box!


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