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Keto Krate – The April 2019 Crate

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keto snacks inside of a KetoKrate

The April 2019 KetoKrates have been shipped and here is your inside glimpse of the box that is full of low carb and keto-friendly snacks.  Each box is packed with low carb, gluten-free, aspartame free, maltitol-free, and soy and sucralose conscious products. 

There’s a variety of products in the box, ranging from vegan-friendly snacks to meat sticks that will make carnivores happy.  Let’s take a look at the April 2019 KetoKrate, starting with some plant-based keto options:

Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds from Legendary Foods

package of almonds

Each pack is filled with spicy almond goodness and has 230 calories, 3g net carbs, and 20g of plant-based fat.

Spicy Hemp Hearts from Humming Hemp

package of spicy hemp hearts

These little hemp beauties have a smoky and spicy profile.  Each package has 160 calories, 2g of net carbs, and 14g of fat.  They also pack 9g of plant-based protein.  

Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Glo Bars from Raw Rev

raw peanut butter bar

If you crave raw superfoods, then look no further.  This bar from Raw Rev packs 15 grams of protein along with 14g of fiber and only has 2 grams of sugar.  Many of its ingredients are organic, to boot!

Toasted Coconut & Chia Dark Chocolate Bar from Coco Polo

low carb chocolate bar

Made with stevia and free trade cocoa, this 70% dark chocolate bar is sure to satisfy your chocolate-craving inner child.  There are 2 servings in each bar with each serving having 170 calories, 5g of net carbs, and 16g of fat.

Fruit Cereal from The Cereal School

keto fruity cereal

Speaking of your inner child…  Just because you are an adult cutting back on carbs doesn’t mean that your morning cereal ritual has to be completely abandoned.  This packet of cereal has 100 calories, ZERO net carbs, and only 3.5g of fat.  You can eat it straight out of the bag or top with your favorite milky beverage.

Tangerine Meringues from Krunchy Melts

keto meringue cookies

Spring is a great time to enjoy a light, refreshing citrus-y treat.  Ten of these tangerine meringues have only 30 calories, ZERO net carbs, and ZERO fat.  There are 4 servings in each container.  [Don’t say I didn’t warn you:  Don’t eat the entire container just because there are only 120 calories.  Too much of a good thing can be bad.  Eat too many of these at once and you could experience their laxative effect.]

Spicy Cheese Snacks from Intakt Snacks

keto cheese snacks

Made with 100% real cheese and all natural ingredients, each serving of this cheese snack (there are two in the bag) has 81 calories, 2g of net carbs, and 6g of fat. 

Salted Caramel + Pecan Bar from BHU Foods

keto protein bar

This little bar is big on protein – 13 grams!  The 9 grams of fiber and little bitty 1 gram of sugar are nothing to sneeze at.  Their small size makes them perfect for tucking in your purse or briefcase. 

 Original Bitlong from Ayoba-Yo

bitlong package

Tender cuts of grass-fed beef are sliced by hand, seasoned, marinated, air-dried, and then packaged.  Each container is one serving and has only 90 calories, ZERO net carbs, and 2.5g of fat.

Italian Style Beef Chomplings from Chomps

Italian style beef stick

This is another grass-fed beef product that is keto-friendly.  It might be Italian-style, but it was made in the USA.  It has ZERO carbs and only 3g of fat.

Grass Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeno Bar from DNX

beef bar

This grass-fed beef bar was created specifically with keto-ers in mind.  Even though it has 1 gram of net carbs, it also has flavor – smokey, slightly spicy and delicious.  Each bar has 140 calories.

How To Get a KetoKrate

keto crate filled with snacks

There are two subscription plans available – $19.99 and $39.99, and shipping is free.  There are no contracts, so you can cancel at anytime.  In addition to at least 9 keto snacks, Keto Krate subscribers are automatically a part of the “klub” and have access to special discounts and coupons on the products in the krate.

Ready to sign up? Go to and be sure to use the Keto Krate Discount Code: KRATE15 to get 15% off your first box with either subscription.

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