Just the Cook in Panama City

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For a truly unique dining experience on the water, Just the Cook in Panama City was a cool place to grab a bite. Sadly, the restaurant has closed its doors and will be missed by those who had the pleasure of eating there. Below is a post that was written before Hurricane Michael changed the fate of the beloved restaurant.

Just the Cook food boat in Panama City, Florida.

It would be impossible to classify Just the Cook as an ordinary run-of-the-mill joint.  First off, Just the Cook occupies a houseboat that occupies slip 81 at St. Andrews Marina.  There are a couple of picnic tables that are nearby set up for guests to eat at.  Second, Just the Cook does not have a liquor license, so if you order a beer to go with your Cilantro Slaw Burger, you get it free.  (The beer, not the burger.)

In 2014, Just the Cook was featured on the Cooking Channel’s show Trending Bites:

YouTube video

When it comes to the food, you won’t be served anything from a can or that has been microwaved at Just the Cook.

Slaw burger and a can of Rolling Rock.
Cilantro Slaw Burger

Just the Cook has a limited menu, so be sure to check it out and select a couple of items that you might like to have – they have been known to run out of certain items.  (The day that I dined there they were unable to make their famous Dan-D Donut (burger).

Three seafood tacos on a plate.
Fish Tacos

On Fridays, Just the Cook serves pasta dishes under the guise of Fettuccine Friday starting at 5 pm.  How does roasted red pepper, tomato basil cream sauce over a garlic-infused olive oil rigatoni or a pine nut tomato basil sauce over fettuccine finished with Parmesan cheese and your choice of shrimp or grouper sound?

Tortuga sandwich on a paper plate.
Shrimp Tortuga
What’s your favorite seafood dish?

Hungry for more? Check out the post for more dining options in Panama City.

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