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Indoor Skydiving In Las Vegas

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

On an unseasonably “cool” day in August this year in Las Vegas, my family and I boarded the Downtown Express bus at the stop by the Wynn and headed north.   After the bus turned right onto Convention Center Drive, we got off at the stop which was directly across from Vegas Indoor Skydiving.   

We walked into America’s first indoor skydiving facility having never done anything remotely like it.  As we walked in we were greeted by a friendly staff.  After we checked-in, they noted how tall we were and weighed us – there are guidelines that they follow.  There is no age restriction, but one has to weigh at least 40 pounds.

We placed our belongings in one of their complementary lockers for safe keeping.  Then we headed upstairs with our instructor, Austin, to watch a video and to learn the hand signals that we would need to know during our “flight.”  We signed waivers and then were given our flight suits and safety gear to put on.

Once it was time to fly, we all went into the wind tunnel chamber.  The walls were padded and a mesh trampoline floor covered the DC-3 airplane propeller that would enable us to fly.  We practiced tucking and rolling into the pad.

One at a time, we took turns taking flight.  We each got to”fly” with Austin’s assistance.  A couple of cameras were in place to record our experience.

indoor skydiving

After our session, we were able to view and purchase pictures of our experience.  Videos were also available.

Here is a short clip about Vegas Indoor Skydiving that will show you the process:

Though it is not typical of what you would think of doing in Las Vegas, it is a fun activity to do there.

Plan Your “Flight”

  • Select a date and reserve your time spot.
  • Allow 45 – 75 minutes for the entire experience.
  • Relax and enjoy your flight.
  • Don’t forget to tip your instructor at the end.


You can connect with Vegas Indoor Skydiving via their website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter| and Instgram.

Have you been indoor skydiving?

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