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How To Make Hard-Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot

Making hard-boiled eggs is very easy using an Instant Pot. Using an Instant Pot also makes peeling hard-boiled eggs a cinch.

I am an actual Nellie’s Eggs customer.  It’s a bonus for me that promotional consideration was provided by Nellie’s for this post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and grammatical errors are my own.

Hard Boiled Eggs

carton of Nellie's Free Range Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious as well as versatile items around.  There are roughly 70 calories in an egg, less than one gram of carbs, 6 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat.  Eggs can be enjoyed on a keto diet, a Paleo diet, a vegetarian diet, the Weight Watchers diet, the Atkins diet, etc.  You get the idea.

One of the simplest ways to enjoy eggs is to hard boil them.  For years, people have been hard boiling eggs on their stovetop by putting them in a pot of water and covering them with an inch of water.  Then they would bring the water just to a boil, cover the pot, and then remove it from the heat and let it stand for around 10 minutes. 

While the old fashioned method works, I have always had difficulty with the next step – peeling the eggs.  They would look like they had gone through a war zone.  Know what I mean?

I mentioned my problem to a friend.  She told me that making hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot will make them much easier to peel. I tried her method and will never go back to making hard-boiled eggs on the stovetop. Ever.

How To Easily Make Hard-Boiled Eggs

Because sharing is caring, I am going to tell you how to make hard-boiled eggs the easy way.

Always start with good quality eggs. If you don’t raise chickens yourself or have a farmer as a neighbor, then look for Nellie’s Eggs. Nellie’s has a network of over 125 small family-run farms that raise happy hens who get to live the free-range life.  Nellie’s Free Range Eggs is dedicated to the humane treatment of its hens and are Certified Humane.  Yay!

1. Insert your Instant Pot’s wire rack into the pot, pour in 1 cup of water, and place a dozen eggs on the rack.

eggs in an Instant Pot

2. Put the Instant Pot lid on top and turn the valve to seal. Select MANUAL and set the timer for 6 minutes.

Instant Pot set for 6 mintues

3. When the timer is up, quick release the pressure valve and allow the steam to escape.

4. Remove the eggs from the Instant Pot and immerse in an ice bath.

tongs holding an egg

(To make an ice bath, simply place a couple of handfuls of ice cubes in a bowl and add cold water.)

eggs in an ice bath

5. To peel, tap each egg against a hard surface to crack the shell. Continue tapping the egg while rotating it in order to loosen the shell. Starting at the large end, begin removing the shell from the egg.  I find it very helpful to peel the egg under running water.

a hard boiled egg

And that is how you make hard-boiled eggs the easy way.  The eggs are ready to be enjoyed with a dash of salt and pepper or to be used to in a variety of delicious ways, like deviled eggs and egg salad.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy hard-boiled eggs?

Sharing is caring!

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