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Where To Eat In Chattanooga

 If you are looking for affordable and delicious food in Chattanooga, then check out these three restaurants in the Scenic City.

Photos of food prepared in Chattanooga
I believe that Chattanooga just might be the up-and-coming location for foodies.  You can do a Google search and find several articles that go into more detail about the food scene in the Scenic City, but I want to share with you three of my favorite places to eat.

1.  Maple Street Biscuit Company

Maple Street Biscuit Company sign

Maple Street Biscuit Company opened its doors in Florida in 2012.  Today there are 8 locations across the south, including the Chattanooga location at 407 Broad Street.  The food here is absolutely amazing, if I do say so myself.  

I ordered The Five and Dime (pictured below).  It is The Five (flaky biscuit, all natural fired chicken breast, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, topped with sausage gravy with a little kick) topped with a fried egg.  It was so good that I was tempted to lick my plate.  The price was a little bit more than five and dime, costing $9 per plate, but it was well worth it.

The Five and Dime plate at Maple Street Biscuit Company

2.  Sing It or Wing It

Ribs at Sing It or Wing ItI never would have thought that a karaoke bar would be among my favorite places to eat, but after spending a fun evening with my family at Sing It or Wing It at 410 Market Street, this place has won my heart.  

I found out about this hole-in-the-wall (no disrespect!) via TripAdvisor.  My family and I were passing through Chattanooga one day and wanted to eat at a local restaurant, not some chain that we could eat at anywhere.

Sing It or Wing It is the first karaoke bar that I have been to.  In addition to being able to sing your heart out to one of the many songs in their collection, SIOWI serves really good food.  

My son devoured all of his ribs (shown above) and loved the side order of mushrooms.  If you like fries, you cannot go wrong with either the regular or the sweet potato fries – they both are amazing.  I made the Loveable Lauren (below) with sweet potato fries disappear.

Sandwich Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries

3.  Thai Smile

Plate of Pad Thai at Thai SmilePad Thai

This little restaurant that is just blocks away from The Chattanooga Aquarium has become our family favorite

Aquarium.  In fact, the last time that I drove through Chattanooga, I brought ice packs with me so that I could bring dinner home on my way back from Dollywood.  True story.

Musamun CurryMusamun Curry

My family and I happened upon Thai Smile a few years ago after spending the day at the aquarium.  We started walking around and spotted the Thai Smile sign at 219 Market Street and walked in.  It was love at first bite.   

Every time we go, I try something new and think I have a new favorite. My newest favorite dish is Musamun Curry (above), a dish made with onions, potatoes, peanuts, and coconut milk.

DSC08201Bangkok Spicy

The servings are fairly generous and the prices are moderate.  Thai Smile was listed as one of Chattanooga’s best restaurants according to chef Daniel Lindley, as published at Condé Nast Traveler (online).

Where do you like to eat in Chattanooga?

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Robert Lindsey

Sunday 1st of November 2020

As a four decade resident of the city I believe there's only about a half dozen true dining experiences in Chattanooga. Everything else amounts to fast food


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

@Lynda, Bluegrass Grill, Kenny's, Tremont Tavern, Alleia, Pizzeria Cortile.


Sunday 1st of November 2020

What restaurants do you recommend? I love getting recommendations from locals.