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Flourless Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

These flourless double chocolate peanut butter muffins are gluten-free and so good you just might want to eat the whole pan.

Flourless Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Blender Muffins

Flourless Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Blender Muffins from

I am in love with Pinterest.  It has to be the most influential site in the US when it comes to cooking, and  well – just about everything else.  It is there that I find inspiration, recipes, quotes to lift my spirit, and everything else of interest.

It is usually my first source for looking for new recipes to try.  Recently, a pin for Flourless Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Blender Muffins from Averie Cooks came across my Pinterest feed.  They looked incredible.  The ingredient list is simple enough.  A bonus – no flour.  The preparation time + cooking time made them completely doable in the morning before having to rush my youngest child off to school.

The results?  Pretty darn good.

I could taste all of the primary flavors – banana, peanut butter, and chocolate.  I ate them for breakfast, but they would also make a great treat.  They are suitable for most people, especially those following a paleo or gluten free diet.

I put the ingredients that I used to make them into a program to calculate the calorie content.   The information below is based on 18 mini muffins, which is how many I was able to make from the batter.

DoubleChocolate Label

Want to give them a try?  You can get the recipe at by clicking here.

What is your favorite Pinterest find?

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