Dollywood’s Splash Country

Nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood’s Splash Country is a premier water park destination that offers a thrilling blend of water attractions, relaxation, and Southern charm. With its scenic Smoky Mountains backdrop and a variety of water slides, lazy river, and family-friendly fun, it’s the perfect place for a refreshing day of aquatic adventure. Dive into the excitement as we explore the highlights of this fantastic water park.

Entrance to Dollywood's Splash Country.

When you think about Pigeon Forge, you might not think about water parks, but you should.  Dollywood’s Splash Country is a hidden little gem tucked into the hills and it is a great way to get your feet wet in the Smoky Mountains.

Trees and water fall.

Just like Dollywood, this is a beautiful park.  The 35-acre park is spotless and well-maintained.  It’s no wonder why it was the winner of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions 2009 Must-See Waterpark Award.

Dollywood's Splash Country park map.

People new to the park can get their bearings by using one of the maps that are posted around the park to help them navigate their way around the “hollow.”  (You can click here for an online version and start planning your trip now.)

Lazy river waterfalls.

One of my favorite “rides” is the lazy river ride.  At Dollywood, it is called the Downbound Float Trip.  The 1500-foot journey is a great way to cool off while slowly meandering through the park.  Though the park was crowded when I attended, finding a float was not a problem.

Lazy river ride.
Campsite Grill at Dollywood.

There are several places around the park to get a bite to eat, such as Campsite Grill where you can order burgers, fries, chicken tenders, pizza, and child’s meals.  (Gluten-free options are available, too – just ask!)  

Tip:  Buy a refillable mug at the beginning of your day so that you can stay hydrated all day long.  (Also, on very busy days they might sell out of the mugs!)

Kids area at the water park.

Splash Country has attractions for everyone.  Little Creek Falls has a children’s pool, slides, and an activity center for small children.  

The Cascades is another area designed for those under 48 inches and it includes a giant cascading waterfall, 2 Grotto Slides, an active “geyser”, a contoured seating area, interactive elements, and water jets and bubblers.

Two small water slides.

There is an abundance of water rides for bigger “kids,” too, such as The Butterfly pictured above which plunges riders down 55-foot-long extreme slides.  For the more adventurous, there is even more!

Before going to Splash Country, I would have predicted that my favorite ride would have been the lazy river.  And truth be told, I really enjoyed the Downbound Float Trip.  I must have gone around 6 times while I was there.  However, once I experienced Tennessee’s first and only water coaster, my new favorite ride was RiverRush.

Water roller coaster ride.

The coaster twists, turns, and even goes up – just like a “normal” roller coaster.  Except you get sprayed with water.  (I highly recommend wearing goggles if you have them when you ride RiverRush.)  And just like a roller coaster, I screamed and had a look of terror on my face, though I would not have known it had it not been for the cameras that snap pictures throughout the ride.  It was thrilling and unbelievably fun!

Two water slides.

And there is Fire Tower Falls ^^^ I admire those brave souls who dare to ride it and live to tell the tale.


Cabana at Splash Country.

For those who want to make the most of their day and are able, renting a retreat is the way to go.  Each retreat has a table with six chairs inside, as well as a television, ceiling fan, secure storage, and lounge chairs.   “Room service”  is just a phone call away.  (Retreat guests can use the phone in the retreat to order food and have it delivered.)

Flowers in metal watering pitcher.

Dollywood even has Deluxe Retreats overlooking the lazy river which have an outdoor couch, love seat, bar with bar stools, and a fridge stocked with water bottles. 

BeaverTails® at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Beaver tail treat.

Dollywood’s Splash Country serves BeaverTails® – pastries that are made of whole wheat and hand-stretched. They are cooked fresh and served piping hot and you can choose to have them topped with favorites such as Classic Cinnamon & Sugar or chocolate hazelnut spread topped with Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter.  My Canadian friend told me that Dollywood is one of only 4 places in the US where you can get these delicious treats.


Tickets for adults ages 10-61 are available for 1-3 days as follows:

  • 1-Day: $54.95 (Children and senior price – $44.95)
  • 2-Days: $74.95 (Children and senior price – $64.95)
  • 3-Days: $84.95 (Children and senior price – $74.95)


The water park is open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm during the regular operating season. (Please refer to the online calendar.) The last day to visit Dollywood’s Splash Country during the 2023 season is on September 17th.

Dollywood’s Splash Country Location

Splash Country is located at 2700 Dollywood Parks Boulevard in Pigeon Forge. It’s approximately 1.5 miles from the DreamMore Resort & Spa and 3 miles from Dollywood.

You can connect with Dollywood on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | and Instagram.  Click here for the Dollywood website.

I was a guest at Dollywood’s Splash Country and was able to check it out for myself.  All thoughts, opinions, and grammatical errors are my own.  Your visit may differ from mine, but I bet you will have a fantastic time at the park.

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  2. I been to Dollywood once I love it been many years ago my husband got sick we could never take our honeymoon
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