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Delicious Keto Snacks Delivered

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Keto Krate box full of snacks

The easiest way to get delicious keto-friendly snacks delivered to your door is through a subscription to Keto Krate. Keto Krate boxes contain gluten-free, maltitol free, aspartame free, and soy and sucralose conscious keto-friendly snacks.

All snacks are 5 grams of net carbs per serving or less which makes sticking to your diet and achieving your goals a little easier and a lot tastier. Plus, who doesn’t like to be surprised each month with something new?!

Let’s take a look inside the November 2018 Keto Krate. This month’s krate is filled with chocolaty-goodness, starting with the featured product: SweetCheat Hot Chocolate Mix.

1. SweetCheat Hot Chocolate Mix

This hot chocolate mix from Tiny Toad is perfect these cooler days and nights that have descended upon us. This keto-friendly mix is 100% natural and is also diabetic safe since it has no sugar. The mix is sweetened with monk fruit and only has 1 net carb. Mix it with your favorite warmed milk or milk-alternative or enhance your morning coffee.

pouch of SweetCheat Hot Chocolate Mix

2. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

This delicious chocolate-y cookie from KNOW Foods has 7 grams of protein and only 3 grams of net carbs, so I personally don’t feel bad for eating it for breakfast this morning. It satisfied my desire for something sweet without me craving more the way sucrose does. The cookie is made with allulose and has a zero glycemic impact.

KNOW Better Double Chocolate cookie

3. Dark European Chocolate

That’s right – Dark European Chocolate is keto-friendly when it’s made into a sugar-free chocolate bar by Chocoperfection. Each bar has less than 200 calories, 14 grams of fiber, and only 2 grams of net carbs. What more can you ask for?

Dark European Chocolate bar

4. Crispy Quinoa Milk Chocolate Bar

Coco Polo’s Crispy Quinoa Milk Chocolate is your solution to the dilemma of whether you should get something sweet or something crunchy. It’s milk chocolate with little bursts of crispy quinoa inside and ZERO added sugar.

Milk Chocolate Quinoa Bar

5. Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Glo Bar

This peanutty-bar from RAW REV is not only keto-friendly, but it is also vegan-friendly because it is made from minimally processed plant-based ingredients. They are naturally high in fiber and low in sugar, making them a great addition to your Keto snack cupboard. Pack one in your purse or gym bag for those times you need a snack that’s made with superfoods that work protecting your body from harmful free radicals.

Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Glo bar

6. Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter Spread

This little packet of coconut deliciousness from Nikki’s Coconut Butter is made with 5 simple ingredients: coconut, coconut oil, coconut sugar, vanilla, and Himalayan sea salt. It’s paleo and vegan-friendly and low carb, too. You can knead it and squeeze it or refrigerate it and eat it like a bar.

Nikki's Coconut Butter Spread packet

7. Buffalo Walnuts

These spicy walnuts from Crazy Go Walnuts are another keto-friendly snack that is also vegan-friendly. You can snack on them or toss them on top of your salad for added crunch and spicy goodness. They’re a great way to get omega-3s and fiber naturally. While there is some cane sugar in the recipe, overall there are only 3 net carbs per serving.

Buffalo Walnuts

8. Spicy Dill Pork Rinds

If you thought your choices of pork rinds were limited to plain or barbecue, then let me introduce you to these Southern Recipe Small Batch Spicy Dill Flavored Pork Rinds. What makes these different is that they have no artificial colors, lower sodium than their counterparts, and a unique blend of dill, garlic, and vinegar with just the right amount of heat. Each serving is ONLY 70 calories and 1 gram of carbs. You’ll want to make sure you have a bag on hand for the big game.

Spicy Dill Flavored Pork Rinds

9. Jo’Burg Steakhouse Biltong

I think this might be my favorite discovery in this month’s Keto Krate. Bitlong is South Africa’s version of beef jerky and is air dried, not smoked. The tangy aroma of spiced beef has a hint of apple cider vinegar which helps cure the meat and gives biltong its zippy flavor and super tender texture. Brooklyn Biltong’s Jo’Burg Steakhouse recipe uses garlic and paprika to warm the palate and accentuate the clean flavor profiles of grass-fed beef. It has zero sugar and zero carbs and would be an excellent snack to take on your next trip.

Steakhouse Bitlong

How To Get A Keto Krate

Each Keto Krate contains 8+ snacks plus $20+ coupon savings in each Krate. There are two monthly plans available at $19.99 & $39.99. You can set up payments via Paypal or credit card. Accounts automatically renew on the 3rd of each month, but you can cancel anytime because there is no contract. Keto Krate even offers a money back guarantee.

While you might not love every product in each box, it’s a great way to discover new and tasty treats and also to learn what might not work for you.

To learn more about Keto Krate and to sign up, click here. Use the discount code FIVE2018 and save on your next box!

Take a peek inside previous boxes: October 2018 Keto Krate and September 2018 Keto Krate.

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Friday 26th of July 2019

Do you deliver to Johannesburg? If so, at what cost?


Monday 29th of July 2019

You would need to check with Keto Krate. I don't think that they do.