Instagram photo by Amanda from, used with permission.

If you read last week’s post about Kürtőskalács, you will recall that my blogging friends, Amanda and Stephanie, did a bit of traveling around Europe this summer.  Since they blog a lot about food, they naturally shared some of their fabulous photos of food on Instagram.

Today’s foreign food feature is of a bratwurst – a sausage that is typically pan fried or grilled.  The country which has made it famous serves over 40 different varieties.   Most people have an idea of which country bratwurst originated, but see if you can guess the city where Amanda and Stephanie enjoyed this delectable sausage.  Below are some clues to help you….

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Liberte and Cascadian Farm at Publix

Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to get everything done.  Places to go, things to do – times like that make me appreciate the convenience of Liberté yogurt and Cascadian Farms granola.  Liberté is my favorite yogurt because it is rich and creamy.  I like Cascadian Farms products, not only because they…

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Rips On the Lake

On a recent trip to New Orleans, my brother and his sweet wife treated my family and me to lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, Rips On The Lake. Located north of The Big Easy in Mandeville, Louisiana, Rips overlooks Lake Pontchartrain and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

Lamb Kotlets #LocalLambGlobalFlavor #CleverGirls

Lamb Kotlets

Today I want to introduce you to two things new to Southern Kissed - a lamb recipe and a Persian spice blend.   I combined the two to make Lamb Kotlets, inspired by a recipe given to my mother by a friend.   My mom's friend is originally from Persia, better known today as Iran. Persian cuisine is one of the world's oldest - dating back before the first century.  Advieh is a spice mixture ...

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