Sweet Potato Casserole & Hamilton Beach Food Processor Giveaway


Sweet Potatoe Casserole

I can’t imagine Thanksgiving dinner without having a large serving of sweet potato casserole on my plate.   Turkey and stuffing (or dressing) would be so lonely without this sweet dish on the side.

My version of sweet potato casserole is quite easy to make because I start with a can of pre-cooked sweet potatoes.  Don’t let the name on the can below fool you – it’s a misnomer.  Just below the title you will see that they can contains sweet potatoes.  (Real yams are grown in Africa, sweet potatoes are grown in the United States.)…

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Mi Casa

Last week I was invited to Mi Casa restaurant in Harvest, Alabama.  Being that I love Mexican food, I could not ...

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Homemade Granola

Coconut Granola

Instead of the typical granola you can buy at the store, why not make your own batch of Coconut Granola at home?  It's quite simple to make and made with wholesome ingredients.  Chances are that you ...

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Dinner By Design

Monterey Chicken Monterey Chicken - a juicy chicken breast covered by both barbecue sauce and a creamy cheese sauce.   While I would love to share the recipe so that you can also make this succulent ...

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